The Ontario Government has passed jaw-dropping exemptions to the province's Endangered Species Act. Logging companies will get a five-year exemption from the act (tough luck woodland caribou) while pits and quarry operators, mining companies and subdivision developers will get exemptions for harmful activities that will impact dozens and dozens of species and their habitats well into the future.

This is not the kind of province Premier Wynne promised. Tell the Premier she needs to reconsider this move to gut one of our most important pieces of environmental legislation.


More about the species that will be harmed by these changes

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Acadian Flycatcher
Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander
American Badger
American Chestnut
American Columbo
American Eel
American Ginseng
American Water-willow
American White Pelican
Aweme Borer Moth
Bald Eagle
Barn Owl
Barn Swallow
Bent spike-rush
Bird’s-foot Violet
Black Redhorse
Black Tern
Blackstripe Topminnow
Blanchard’s Cricket Frog
Blanding’s Turtle
Blue Ash
Blue Racer
Blunt-lobed Woodsia
Bogbean Buckmoth
Branched Bartonia
Bridle Shiner
Broad Beech Fern
Butler’s Gartersnake
Canada warbler
Cerulean Warbler
Channel Darter
Cherry Birch
Chimney swift
Climbing Prairie Rose
Common Five-lined Skink
Common Hoptree
Common nighthawk
Crooked-stem Aster
Cucumber Tree
Cutlip Minnow
Dense Blazing Star
Drooping Trillium
Dwarf Hackberry
Dwarf Lake Iris
Eastern Flowering Dogwood
Eastern Foxsnake (
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Eastern Meadowlark
Eastern Mole
Eastern Musk Turtle
Eastern Persius Duskywing
Eastern Pondmussel
Eastern Prairie Fringed-orchid
Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus
Eastern Ribbonsnake
Eastern Sand Darter
Eastern Tiger Salamander
Eastern Whip-poor-will
Eastern Wolf
Engelmann’s Quillwort
Eskimo Curlew
False Hop Sedge
False Rue-anemone
Few-flowered Club-rush
Flooded Jellyskin
Forked Three-awned Grass
Four-leaved Milkweed
Fowler’s Toad
Frosted Elfin
Gattinger’s Agalinis
Golden Eagle
Golden-winged Warbler
Grass Pickerel
Gravel Chub
Gray Ratsnake
Gray Ratsnake
Greater Prairie-Chicken
Green Dragon
Grey Fox
Hart’s-tongue Fern
Heart-leaved Plantain
Henslow’s Sparrow
Hill’s Pondweed
Hill’s Thistle
Hine’s Emerald
Hoary Mountain-mint
Hooded Warbler
Horned grebe
Horsetail Spike-rush
Houghton’s Goldenrod
Hungerford’s Crawling
Water Beetle
Illinois Tick-trefoil
Incurved Grizzled Moss
Jefferson Salamander

and many more

The exemptions passed by the Wynne Government this June:

  • a five-year exemption for forestry, an industry that impacts about 30 million hectares of land in Ontario
  • permanent exemptions for existing pits and quarries and hydro operations
  • new exemptions for planned or approved activities that would apply to pits and quarries, residential and commercial development, mining, renewable energy projects, hydro facilities, roads and more.

What you can do:


Say NO to further endangering already endangered species! Take Action Now!

Ontario's most threatened species are being left out on a limb. Send a message to Premier Kathleen Wynne today. Just add your thoughts to the letter below and click send!